The 1st Aquatic Evil Government was the Evil Party - MLBLP coalition government of Democratia led by Prime Minister Aquatic Evil between 06 January and 01 February 1993.


Government StructureEdit

1st Aquatic Evil Government
Department Name Department Head Title
Office of the Prime Minister Aquatic Evil Prime Minister
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Boohistory Deputy Prime Minister
Department of Law & Order DMHowe Home Secretary
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Villy Trebuchet Foreign Secretary
Ministry of the Environment Sheepling Environment Minister

Official OppositionEdit

The official opposition during this period was the Birthday Party frontbench team led by Eriatarka1.

Official Opposition to the 1st Aquatic Evil Government
Spokesperson Title Department(s) Shadowed
Eriatarka1 Opposition Leader Office of the Prime Minister
Miniyoda008 Deputy Opposition Leader
Shadow Chancellor
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
Pokemaniac John Shadow Environment Minister Ministry of the Environment
HRH King Charles III Shadow Foreign Secretary Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Record in GovernmentEdit

Acts passed by government:


Like his predecessor, Aquatic Evil came to power despite not winning the most votes in the general election, forming a coalition with the small MLBLP, led by DMHowe. Although his ministerial team consisted of many experienced politicians, he faced fierce opposition in the House of Commons from the former government. The government's first major crisis came about when, having failed to answer questions posed to them in parliament, they were publicly disciplined by the Speaker of the Commons. The government was also criticised for failing to take into account people's concerns: their inaction resulted in a nationwide teachers' strike. This further dented the government's popularity, sending it far below the critical 30% mark. As a result of personal problems, the Prime Minister was unable to attend cabinet meetings and failed to appear in parliament, which eventually led to the opposition leader calling a vote of no confidence. After losing the vote, Aquatic Evil was dismissed to be replaced by his deputy, Boohistory.

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