The 1st DynamoJax Government was the Government led by DynamoJax, who led the Ad Astra Per Aspera Party. The Government succeeded the 3rd Cieran Government which collapsed in early July 2009. The current Government ran from July 10, 2009 to August 10, 2009, in which it was succeeded by the 1st Sir William Buttersworth Government, led by Sir William Buttersworth of the Centrist Conservatives.

Government StructureEdit

1st DynamoJax Government
Department Name Department Head Title Powers
Office of the Prime Minister DynamoJax Prime Minister Budget, Reshuffle, Summon Ambassadors, Dissolve Parliament, Declare Emergency
Cabinet Office Commoncold0
resigned 07/07/2009
vacant afterwards
Deputy Prime Minister
Secretary of the Cabinet Office
Ministry of Transport CJ Miller Deputy Prime Minister
Secretary of the Ministry of Transport
Department of Foreign Affairs HRH King Zog II Deputy Prime Minister
Secretary of the Ministry of State and Foreign Affairs
Budget, Summon Ambassadors
Ministry of Education Miniyoda008 Deputy Prime Minister
Secretary of the Ministry of Education
Budget & Economy
Law and Order
Social Affairs
DynamoJax (ex officio only) No additional titles N/A

Official OppositionEdit

The official opposition during this period was the Boo Party front bench team led first by Inevitable.

Official Opposition to the 1st DynamoJax Government
Spokesperson Title Department(s) Shadowed
Inevitable Leader of the Opposition
Shadow Education Secretary
Shadow Transport Secretary
Office of the Prime Minister
Ministry of Education
Ministry of Transport
Lord Davies Shadow Foreign Secretary Department of Foreign Affairs

Record in GovernmentEdit

The following Acts of Parliament were passed in this term:

Ostrade Act Amendment 2009

Ostentian Rebate Bill of 2009

Private Property Protection Act

National Secrets Act

Government Contingency Act

Ostentian-Exilian Pact

The following motions were withdrawn without consideration:

Private Session of Commons (called by DynamoJax)

The following motions were declared blocked/invalid:

Investigation Motion

Ostentian Federation Motion


The 1st DynamoJax Government was a rather cautious government, with the DLSP collapse still fresh in mind. Towards the end, the Government got slightly more aggressive due to the declaration of war on Ostentia by Assym. Despite being heavy favorites for election just a week prior to election, the government was narrowly defeated in the August 2009 Elections. In fact, the defeat was rather unique: AAPA was relegated to Opposition despite having the most seats in parliament (42 seats to the Centrist Conservative's 41).

The Government had a popularity rating as high as 57%, indicating a strong possibility of a return to power.

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