The 1st Eriatarka1 Government was the Birthday Party - Royalist Party coalition government of Democratia led by Prime Minister Eriatarka1 between 30 November 1992 and 03 January 1993.


Government StructureEdit

1st Eriatarka1 Government
Department Name Department Head Title
Office of the Prime Minister Eriatarka1 Prime Minister
Ministry of Money Miniyoda008 Chancellor
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Miniyoda008 Deputy Prime Minister
Ministry of Foreign Affairs HRH King Charles III Foreign Secretary
Ministry of the Environment Pokemaniac John Environment Minister

Official OppositionEdit

The official opposition during this period was the Evil Party frontbench team led by Aquatic Evil.

Official Opposition to the 1st Eriatarka1 Government
Spokesperson Title Department(s) Shadowed
Aquatic Evil Opposition Leader Office of the Prime Minister
Boohistory Deputy Opposition Leader Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
Sheepling Shadow Home Secretary
Shadow Environment Minister
Ministry of the Environment

Record in GovernmentEdit

Acts passed by government:


With Boohistory's resignation, the political landscape of Democratia instantly changed. Whereas previously there had been one all-powerful party, there were now two equally matched parties: the Evil Party and the Birthday Party. As a result, the election produced a hung parliament. Despite not getting the most votes, Eriatarka1 was able to form a coalition with the Royalist Party leader, HRH King Charles III, and was subsequently invited to form the next government. The government quickly laid out plans to radically change the nature of Democratia, with the Age Limits and Education Streaming Acts having a big impact on the society of Democratia. Throughout its term in office, the government continued to pass bills aimed at improving the ailing Democratian economy, which had been left in tatters by the Boo Party government. However, it suffered from low popularity throughout its term, as, being a coalition government, many felt that it had no mandate from the people. Towards the last few days in power, the government suffered a series of high profile defeats in the House of Commons, and government popularity fell below the critical 30% mark. It served a full term but when Eriatarka1 stood for re-election, he lost by one vote.

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