The 1st Sheepling Government was the Sheepy Party government of Democratia led by Prime Minister Sheepling between 23/09/1992 and 28/09/1992.


Government StructureEdit

The official government during this period was Sheepling. He did not appoint any cabinet ministers during his parliamentary term.

Official OppositionEdit

Official Opposition to the 1st Sheepling Government
Spokesperson Title Department(s) Shadowed
Boohistory Leader of the Opposition Office of the Prime Minister
Aquatic Evil Deputy Leader of the Opposition Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

Record in GovernmentEdit

The Government passed no Acts in this term


Sheepling came to power by winning the election following the collapse of Villy Trebuchet's government. The victory came as a surprise, as the Boo Party were expected to win. Despite his victory though, Sheepling failed to find the support he needed in Parliament, and was unable to appoint any government ministers. His government was soon engulfed by the great security crisis, and as riots erupted around Democratia, he was unable to get vital legislation through parliament. He applied for emergency powers, but when these were not granted, he resigned and retired from politics.

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