The 1st Ten Thousand Fists Government was the LMIATPEFO government of Ostentia led by Prime Minister Ten Thousand Fists between 16/04/2008 and 11/05/2008.


Government StructureEdit

1st Ten Thousand Fists Government
Department Name Department Head Title Powers
Office of the Prime Minister Inevitable Prime Minister Budget, Reshuffle, Summon Ambassadors, Dissolve Parliament, Declare Emergency
Cabinet Office position unfilled

Official OppositionEdit

Due to the nature of the election results, there was no official opposition during this term.

Record in GovernmentEdit

Acts passed by government:


Ten Thousand Fists got into power unexpectedly, in a very close election, from which no party was able to form an opposition. As the sole member of his party, Ten Thousand Fists decided not to form any cabinet departments other than those that were necessary, leading to some complaints over the lack of accountability for most aspects of government. During his term of office, the separatists in the Northern Isles lost a referendum, and a trade treaty with Gelland was passed, which boosted the economy, but caused protests from farmers in Nashun, who felt their position was undermined. At the end of the term, Ten Thousand Fists disbanded his party, and ended up as Speaker of the House of Commons in the next term, after the previous speaker, Commoncold0, failed to retain his seat.

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