The 2009 Boo Party Ostentian Coup is an event which began on June 11th 2009 and concluded on June 15, 2009. The Boo Party, having, in a previous term enacted much in the way of "security" legislation implemented a part of a bill granting Inevitable complete executive power, overriding that of Miniyoda008's government.


  • Oredia declared Commoncold0 its head of state for the duration of the crisis, its security forces having sworn an oath of loyalty to King Edward.
  • Many MPs disappeared, with the Speaker being the most notable of these.
  • Exilia, under HRH King Zog II, who was stuck there due to a Boo Party bill, launched a naval invasion fleet to Oredia intending to help Commoncold0 and depose Inevitable.
  • The Boo Party is hiding in an undisclosed location, believed to be underneath Epiphany somewhere.
  • Empthrinia was understood to have been sending supplies, but an explosion on the railway link has prevented this.
  • Falahn, Jayakar and the Northern Isles are actively resisting the Boo Party forces.
  • Some MP's, including DynamoJax have attempted to relay a vote via phone, which were not accepted.
  • Nashun has declared a separation from Ostentia in the wake of a percieved dictatorship by the Boo Party. CJMiller has been proclaimed its executive.
  • West Mearor/Epiphany East attempted to declare it's support for the legitimate party, and supported it's claim to ministerial power over Ostentia, and condemned Inevitable for his "Act of Imperialism and Dictatorial Behaviour.". However this declaration was prevented from ever being released. For this act of defiance towards Inevitable's claim to power, the MP of West Mearor/Epiphany East , JHGilliatt was placed under house arrest by the Boo Party.
  • The leader of the Boo Party in Falahn mysteriously vanished shortly after resigning. The Boo Party have attempted to claim that he never existed.
  • Plqx, who had gone into hiding, released a statement of reassurance for the people of Falahn which also called into question the Boo Party's actions. It lasted a few minutes before the website was hacked and destroyed.
  • In retaliation to the formation of Radio 1212, the OBS (Ostentian Broadcasting Service) was formed. DLSP member JHGilliatt created OBS Radio 1, and became the radio station's first DJ. However, after the formation of EBS Longwave World Service, it was realised that OBS Radio was unnecessary for political campaigning, and was soon shut down completely, due to lack of contribution.

Conclusion and AftermathEdit

On June 15, 2009, the coup ended when the real Inevitable showed up and explained what had happened. The coup was promulgated by several impostors who masqueraded as Boo Party officials. After the coup was defeated, Inevitable transfered power back to Miniyoda008, and the Unity Party regained control of Parliament.

As of June 16, 2009, Ostentia is still reeling over the aftermath of the coup. Legislation has been proposed to rebuild Ostentia.

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