The 2nd Aquatic Evil Government was the Boo Party government of Democratia led by Prime Minister Aquatic Evil between 23/06/1993 and 25/07/1993.


Government StructureEdit

2nd Aquatic Evil Government
Department Name Department Head Title
Office of the Prime Minister Aquatic Evil Prime Minister
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Sheepling Deputy Prime Minister
Ministry of Money Master dingley Chancellor of the Exchequer
Department of Law & Order Cieran Secretary of State for the Home Office
Ministry of Foreign Affairs HRH King Charles III
from 14/07/1993
Foreign Secretary

Official OppositionEdit

The official opposition during this period was the Fruit & Veg = Perfection Party front bench team led by Pokemaniac John.

Official Opposition to the 2nd Aquatic Evil Government
Spokesperson Title Department(s) Shadowed
Pokemanaic John Opposition Leader Office of the Prime Minister
Miniyoda008 Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
until 14/07/1993
Ministry of Money
Eriatarka1 Shadow Secretary of State for the Home Office Department of Law & Order
HRH King Charles III Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs
until 11/07/1993

Record in GovernmentEdit

Acts passed by government:


Aquatic Evil, having once again taken control of the Boo Party, won the June election, in which the Boo Party was only opposed by the Fruit & Veg = Perfection Party - the Birthday Party having failed to stand in time. Throughout the term there were accusations that the government had no intentions of doing anything, particularly as the pension crisis dragged on. Attention was drawn away, however, by the mass defections on one day, with HRH King Charles III joining the government, and Miniyoda008 and Pokemaniac John changing parties, and ending up fighting for control of the same one. However, the government was not free from trouble, as further crises hit the country towards the end of the term.

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