The 2nd Sheepling Government was the Boo Party government of Democratia led by Prime Minister Sheepling between 23 May and 22 June 1993.


Government StructureEdit

2nd Sheepling Government
Department Name Department Head Title
Office of the Prime Minister Sheepling Prime Minister
Office of the Deputy Prime Minister Aquatic Evil Deputy Prime Minister
Ministry of Money Master dingley Chancellor of the Exchequer
Department of Law & Order Cieran Secretary of State for the Home Office
Ministry for Bins Boohistory Minister of State for Bins

Official OppositionEdit

The official opposition during this period was the Birthday Party frontbench team led by Miniyoda008.

Official Opposition to the 2nd Sheepling Government
Spokesperson Title Department(s) Shadowed
Miniyoda008 Opposition Leader Office of the Prime Minister
Eriatarka1 Deputy Opposition Leader Office of the Deputy Prime Minister
Pokemaniac John Shadow Minister of State for the Environment None
HRH King Charles III Shadow Minister of State for Foreign Affairs None

Record in GovernmentEdit

Acts passed by government:


Sheepling, having taken over the leadership of the Boo Party for the first time, went on to win a landslide victory in the following election. His government is generally viewed to have been fairly successful, having dealt with the crises that arose during the term. However, there were complaints that the government was simply prepared to stick with the status quo, and had no real plans to improve anything.

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