The 3rd Pokemaniac John Government was the Liberal Alliance government of Ostentia led by Prime Minister Pokemaniac John between 21/06/2008 and 23/08/2008.


Government StructureEdit

3rd Pokemaniac John Government
Department Name Department Head Title Powers
Office of the Prime Minister Pokemaniac John Prime Minister Budget, Reshuffle, Summon Ambassadors, Dissolve Parliament, Declare Emergency
Cabinet Office Commoncold0
resigned 24/07/2008
reinstated 09/08/2008
Head of Cabinet None
Department of Law & Order Eriatarka1 Home Secretary Budget
Ministry of the Environment Pokemaniac John Environment Minister None
Ministry of the Economy Miniyoda008 Economics Minister Budget
Ministry of Finance Commoncold0
resigned 24/07/2008
reinstated 09/08/2008
Finance Minister Budget
Department of Foreign Affairs HRH King Zog II Foreign Secretary Summon Ambassadors
Ministry of Education Miniyoda008 Minister for Education None
Department of the House of Commons Eriatarka1
from 21/07/2008
Leader of the House of Commons Budget
Department for Trade and Industry Sir William Buttersworth
from 09/08/2008
Secretary of State for Trade and Industry Budget

Official OppositionEdit

The official opposition during this period was the Democratic Socialist Party front bench team led first by Cieran.

Official Opposition to the 3rd Pokemaniac John Government
Spokesperson Title Department(s) Shadowed
Cieran Leader of the Opposition
Shadow Foreign Secretary
Shadow Environment Secretary
Office of the Prime Minister
Department of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of the Environment
Sqeak Shadow Home Secretary
Shadow Education Secretary
Department of Law & Order
Ministry of Education
Blue_strat Shadow Money Secretary Ministry of the Economy
Ministry of Finance

Record in GovernmentEdit

Acts passed by government:


With the F&V=P Party and Ostentian Democrat Party united to form the Liberal Alliance, Pokemaniac John won the 2nd June 2008 Election to form the first coalition government of Ostentia. The government then set about a major legislative programme, focussing particularly on the problem of inner-city crime. During their first term a foreign company named the Hartford Group applied to enter Ostentia, and permission was granted by the government. The group's leader, Sir William Buttersworth, proceeded to join the Ostentian Democrat Party, and was then controversially allowed to join the government despite being a foreign national and a major business owner. Having won the July 2008 General Election, the alliance faced one of the toughest issues to face any government of Ostentia. The countries of Autocratia and Democratia had been at war since the fall of the old Democratia, but this boiled over into a full invasion by Autocratia. The diplomatic situation was complicated by the fact that Democratia was supported by Wo and Exilia, countries friendly with Ostentia, while Autocratia was supported by The U.C.C.R, who had also captured two Ostentian teams of explorers. The conflict eventually ended with the annexation of Democratia, and the government was criticised for failing to stop thsi from occurring. At the end of the term the Liberal Alliance broke up, and stood independently in the election.

See alsoEdit

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