The 4th Inevitable Government was the Boo Party government of Ostentia led by Prime Minister Inevitable between 11 May and 21 June 2008. On the split of the Boo Party, it became a caretaker government.


Government StructureEdit

4th Inevitable Government
Department Name Department Head Title Powers
Office of the Prime Minister Inevitable Prime Minister Budget, Reshuffle, Summon Ambassadors, Dissolve Parliament, Declare Emergency
Cabinet Office position unfilled (until 08 June 2008)
Boohistory (after 08 June 2008) Head of Cabinet
Ministry of Money Inevitable Money Minister Budget
Department of Law & Order Cieran Home Secretary Budget
Department of Transport Cieran Transport Secretary Budget
Ministry of the Environment Cieran Environment Minister Budget
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Inevitable Minister of International Relations Budget
Awesome Department Boohistory (until 08 June 2008) Minister for Awesome
department abolished 08 June 2008
Ministry for the Protection of Bees Sqeak (until 08 June 2008) Defender of the Bees
Following the 8th June reshuffle, the department was labelled a "Sub-Ministry type thing" led by Sqeak, in the position "Minister for the Protection of Bees". Objections were raised about the status of the department, but the whole issue became irrelevant as the government collapsed a few days later.

Official OppositionEdit

The official opposition during the government's first term was, in theory, split between the F&V=P Party, the Democratic Labour Party and the IPNH Party. However, neither Lewis nor Master Dingley formed a frontbench team, so the opposition was effectively led by Pokemaniac John and the F&V=P Party frontbench team. Following the first June 2008 General Election, the F&V=P Party became the official opposition.

Official Opposition to the 4th Inevitable Government
Spokesperson Title Department(s) Shadowed
Pokemaniac John Opposition Leader (held jointly until 8/06/2008)
Shadow Environment Minister
Office of the Prime Minister
Ministry of the Environment
Miniyoda008 Shadow Money Minister Ministry of Money
HRH King Zog II Shadow Minister of International Relations Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Eriatarka1 Shadow Home Secretary (after 23 May 2008) Department of Law & Order

Record in GovernmentEdit

Acts passed by government:


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