Ad Astra Per Aspera Party


Ad Astra Per Aspera Party (AAPA, AAPAP, Ad Astra)
President The Honourable Kay "DynamoJax" Jackson MP
June 8, 2009 - Present
Center to Center-Left

The Ad Astra Per Aspera Party is one of the newest parties in the House of Commons, currently sitting on 23 seats. It was founded on June 8, 2009 by then Independent MP Kay "DynamoJax" Jackson.

The party espouses a centrist policy that leans slightly left. Its stances are generally practial common-sense and fosters moderation.

The June 2009 Elections was the first elections AAPA contested, in which Kay Jackson was chosen to serve as Parlimentary Leader of the AAPA. He garnered 14 electoral votes, which allowed him to either force a split opposition or a clear opposition party. Citing that the Lib Dems were slightly closer to the AAPA on the political scale score than the Progressives, and the Official Party of the Government decided, Jackson threw his 14 electoral votes to Carl Miller, effectively handing the Lib Dems Offical Opposition status. Jackson also stated that Ostentia had been through a coup, and it was better to have a clear governing party and opposition.

In addition, the AAPA earned 23 seats in the House of Commons, almost doubling their goal of 12. The AAPA narrowly beat out the Progressive Conservative Party, the other new party in the election.

Shortly after the June 2009 Elections, the DLSP-PCP coalition split, leaving just the DLSP. After a short while, Cieran resigned as Prime Minister, triggering the July 2009 Elections. AAPA stood again, with Kay Jackson as the Parliamentary Leader and Prime Minister candidate.

Aiming for 30-40 seats, The AAPA won 66 and formed the largest party. In addition, Kay Jackson was elected as Prime Minister. In statewide elections, the AAPA took 10/13 governorships (Falahn, Fondrop and Northern Isles are the exceptions) and obtained majorities in three state legislatures (Agnasium, Mentagnus and Olin).

The AAPA stood in the August 2009 elections, suffering an electoral defeat that caused them the loss of the Prime Ministership (to Sir William Buttersworth), as well as the states of Epiphany, Oredia, Olin, the Midlands and Valaxia. Yare and Mentagnus remains uncalled. Despite their setbacks, the AAPA may still be the largest party in the Commons and is assured of Official Opposition.

It is expected that the AAPA manifesto will be revised; and on August 11, 2009, the AAPA revealed it's new logoset.

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