Advance Wars: The Fall of Democratia is a series of custom made maps for Advance Wars: Days of Ruin by Commoncold0. It is based on the final days of Democratia, following the collapse of government in late 1993.


Red = Boo Armed Forces Blue = FVP Alliance Yellow = Exilian Army Black = Various other armies.

Commanding OfficersEdit

Note that some COs have been used twice, due to lack of male characters


The Story so far...


Following the collapse of the Democratian government, the country slowly began to descend into anarchy. The army, the police and the communications networks practically collapsed overnight. The political parties began to arm themselves, as did other groups. In such a volatile environment, war was inevitable...


Mission 1: Raider PeaksEdit

The Boo Armed Forces under Cieran come across some raiders lead by DMHowe.

Mission 2Edit

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