Head of State
Chairman Boris Rapachev
Government type
Communist dictatorship
Asparian Ruble

Aspar is located to the south east of Ostentia, with Empthrinia in between.


The west of the country is predominantly savanna, while the east is predominantly grassland. There are several large forested areas, but these are being subject to rapid deforestation. The majority of cities are located in coastal areas, although the capital, Aspar city, is located in the centre of the land.


Private enterprise is illegal. The state owns all industries, and has invested significant capital into car manafacturing and industrial chemicals industries. It has also attempted to make the country self-sufficient, but with only limited success. This is partly due to the impracticalities of such a plan, and partly due to the lack of raw materials in the country. Inside Aspar, all prices are fixed.


Executive branchEdit

The Chairman of the Communist Party leads the National Executive. All major policy decisions are decided by this gorup. All members of this group are appointed by the party chairman.

Legislative branchEdit

Same as the executive branch.


Relations with OstentiaEdit

  • Ambassador to Ostentia: Comrade Peter Hopsky
  • Ostentian Ambassador: James Brown
  • Formal Relations: Yes.

Relations between Ostentia and Aspar have been consistently good. Most notably was Aspar's assitence in the release of a missing team of Ostentian explorers that were being held by Eronam. Though there have been accusations of governments, notably the Boo Party, favouring Aspar over other countries.

International relationsEdit

  • Empthrinia: In addition to strong trade links, Aspar often acts as an intermediatry between Empthrinia and other countries.
  • Nellapaland: No formal recognition of the country. Has seized land along the Nellapalese border, but is not officially at war. Recently attacked and occupied the Nellapalese city of Pollabay, but was forced to withdraw in the face of international condemnation.
  • Eronam: Officially allies, although diplomatic relations are at an all time low. The two governments disagree on issues such as the increasing influence of Aspar in the region, the policies of both countries in Empthrinia, and on basic issues of political ideology.
  • Wo: Each refuses to recognise the other's government, following a breakdown in diplomatic relations over the destabilisation of Nellapaland. The Asparian government has expelled the Church of Wo from Aspar.
  • Exilia: No diplomatic relations.
  • Democratia: No diplomatic relations.
  • Autocratia: No diplomatic relations.
  • Gelland: Seen as old allies, although Aspar has recently complained that Gelland's trade agreements are undermining Aspar's dominace in the region.
  • Christophia: Aspar is constantly under pressure from Christophia. Following the Pollabay incident Christophia withdrew their ambassador to Aspar.
  • Topanto: Formerly strong allies, contact between the countries is now considered weak.
  • The U.C.C.R: No contact between the two countries.