Beighly Isle is an island off the coast of Nashun in the Bay of Lemora. It is so named due to the presence of a neolithic settlement on the island, surrounded by a natural moat. This settlement is a "bailey", however fuzzy spelling and records have left the island name spelled Beighly. The moat consists of a deep, rocky ditch, most probably formed by volcanic activity from a volcanic hotspot. In the centre of the island is a large hill on which sit the remains of a Medieval castle. Estimates put settlement dates for the island at around 200BCE-1300CE. The island maintains a caretaker population and enjoys revenue from boat trips from Nashun to view the ruins. A hotel and resort are also present.


From around 1500CE-1750CE, natural coves and lack of habitation on the island allowed a smuggling industry to build up, with ships coming over from Eronam and mooring out of sight, before smaller ships would come over at night from the town of Parhelion in Nashun to transport the goods to the mainland. Eventually the authorities infiltrated the smuggling ring, and one night the navy appeared and captured many smuggling ships, effectively ending the practice.

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