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Boondoxia was a former country and Region in Northern Ostentia. Following the country's transition to a federal system, it was split into the states of Olin and Mentagnus. Flat, yet alkaline soils make Boondoxia entirely unsuitable for most types of farming, and hence industry has grown. Cities sprawl across the flat land, pumping smoke into the atmosphere. Two rivers snake across the plains, supported on a bed of clay several miles wide, where smallholdings may set up. The highlands of Boondoxia also boast a fledgling wine industry, due to the ideal prevailing winds and soils.


The Former Capital of Boondoxia is less of a show-city like Epiphany. Buildings, roads and everything are all designed primarily for function above appearence, and the factories for which Boondoxia is best known can be seen in many places. Despite this, the City Centre is a wide array of visual feasts, featuring unique architecture even among all of Ostentia. Several locations have become targets of tourists, most particularly, the Monument to Unity, a massive, three-story, rotating construction of glass and metal with a number of water features to make even the Palace Walkway in Epiphany, leading to the Houses of Parliament, look tame. The Monument cost the equivalent of over 15 million Hemre.

Other Towns and CitiesEdit



The capital of the state of Mentagnus




The capital of the state of Olin


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