The Right Honourable CJMiller MP
Member for
Parhelion Central
Political Party
Liberal Democrat Party
(12/11/2008 - present)

CJ Miller is President of the Liberal Democrat Party.

2009 rivalry with The Boo Party

"I try not to think about him."
- Boohistory on CJMiller after he blew up her house.

- Foo the Kitten on being rendered homeless... again.

On Sunday, January 24, a Money Bomb planted in Boohistory's house during the Boo Day Celebrations detonated one week earlier. The Rt Hon Mr. Miller immediately confessed to the act, which had rendered Boohistory and a number of orphaned kittens homeless. The attack also killed some of those kittens, including Fluffles. Boohistory was able to limit the damage to the other kittens by using her moustache to absorb the blast.

Since the event, Boohistory and the surviving Kittens have been living in the House of Commons Restaurant.

The Rt Hon Mr. Miller currently holds extreme prejudice against the Boo Party, probably owing to his firm stance against communism and socialism.

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