The Right Honourable Cieran MP
Member of Parliament for
Greater Imbrium
Political Party

Cieran is the MP for Greater Imbrium and was formerly leader of the Democratic Libertarian Socialist Party and Prime Minister of Ostentia. Contrary to popular belief, he has never been the Deputy Prime Minister, although he has held many other government positions. He is also the dragon that is currently happening.


Hyrule Scrolls PartyEdit

Cieran entered Democratian politics as deputy leader of the Hyrule Scrolls Party, under Master Dingley. After the controversial election of March 1993 the Hyrule Scrolls Party came to power, with Cieran as deputy Prime Minister. It is of note however, that in the election he voted for the Boo Party by mistake. Following the disastrous term of the HS Party, Cieran crossed the floor and joined the Boo Party, stating that it would better reflect his ideological views.

Boo PartyEdit

During his time in the Democratian Boo Party, Cieran was spokesman for Environment and Transportation for the Boo Party. Towards the end of Democratia he became deputy leader of the Boo Party under Sheepling, as Inevitable was away on holiday. After the collapse of Democratia his whereabouts became unknown.

Advance Wars: The Fall of DemocratiaEdit

After the fall of Democratia, Cieran became head of the Boo Armed Forces.


Cieran served as the deputy leader of the Boo Party under Inevitable as well as spokesperson for Law and Order, the Environment and Transport. His far left libertarian views have often brought him into conflict with the more authoritarian Inevitable, which eventually contributed to Cieran challenging Inevitable for the party leadership. When this bid failed, he formed the Democratic Socialist Party which he led until its dissolution in July 2009. In October 2008 he was elected Prime Minister of Ostentia.

Personal LifeEdit

Cieran lives on his own in Imbrium on the Isle of Kria. He is unmarried with no children. For trips to Epiphany he uses a seaplane, and stays in an apartment near Parliament.