The coins of Ostentia

The 'Coins of Ostentia are the units of money used in Ostentia. The currency, the Hemre, is divided into 100 Libra. The coins are struck at the National Mint, near Epiphany.


The coins are designed with each coin having a Region embossed on the obverse and a full Ostentian map embossed on the reverse. On the obverse, the number is spelled out, next to the type it is (Hemre or Libra). On the reverse, in larger letters, is the number and the type. All the coins aside the 20 Libra (twenty sided) and the 50 Libra (5 sided) are circular. The size of the Region displayed corresponds with the value of the coins.

1 LibraEdit

The one Libra coin displays The Northern Isles, as the smallest Region. It is made of bronze/copper alloy.

2 LibraEdit

The two Libra coin displays Falahn. It is also made of bronze/copper alloy.

5 LibraEdit

The five Libra coin displays Valaxia. It is made of copper/nickel alloy.

10 LibraEdit

The ten Libra coin displays Oredia. It is made of copper/nickel alloy.

20 LibraEdit

The twenty Libra coin displays Fondrop. It is made of copper/nickel alloy. This coin has twenty sides.

50 LibraEdit

The fifty Libra coin displays Boondoxia. It is made of copper/nickel alloy. This coin has five sides, it is a smooth pentagon.

1 HemreEdit

The 1 Hemre coin displays Nashun. It is made of a nickel/brass alloy.

2 HemreEdit

The 2 Hemre coin is unique in that it is plated with two different kinds of metal. It displays East and West Mearor, West Mearor being a nickel/brass alloy, and East Mearor being a copper/nickel alloy.

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