Congestion Charges Act
Congestion Charges Act
Government Bill

The Congestion Charges Act went as follows:

Congestion Charges ActEdit

Under this bill, a congestion charge will be emplaced in the centre of the major towns of Ostentia:

The other regional capitals are too small and not busy enough to merit a charge.

The charge will be £5 per day for a normal car, £15 per day for large personally owned vehicles (SUVs etc). Vehicles needed for commercial use (such as vans or transportation SUVs) will come under the normal £5 per day charge. The charge can be lowered by purchasing by the week (£20 per week for smaller vehicles, £60 per week for large vehicles). This will help to cut congestion and lower pollution in inner city areas.

The bill will be self-financing, with any extra proceeds going towards subsidising bus and train fares, in order to provide a cheap, cleaner alternative.

For more infoEdit

Ostentian Statute Book

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