November 2009  January 2010
Ostentia Government Election December 2009
Electionlwb Electioninevitable Electionlorddavies
Candidate Lord Wallace Buttersworth Inevitable Lord Davies
Party AAPA-CCP Boo Independent
Home state Agnasium Olin Valaxia
States carried 6 (projected) 6 (projected) 1 (projected)
Percentage 30.77 30.77 15.38
Electionmiller Electioncc0 Electionhrh
Candidate Carl Miller Simon Commoncold HRH King Zog II
Party The Alliance Independent Conservative Country for Old Men
Home state Thorby Oredia Falahn
States carried 0 (projected) 0 (projected) 0 (projected)
Percentage 7.69 7.69 7.69

Incumbent Prime Minister

Prime Minister-elect
Carl Miller
The Alliance

The December 2009 General Election was held on December 23, 2009. Voters cast votes in simultaneous Government and parliamentary elections. Due to a exact tie in the Government Elections between Lord Wallace Buttersworth of the AAPA-CCP Coalition and Inevitable of the Boo Party, the outcome of the Government election is to be decided by the Ostentian House of Commons. The Deadlock was finally broken on January 1st, 2010 when the Ostentian House of Commons approved a Confidence Motion in Carl Miller and The Alliance.

Ostentia Parliamentary Election December 2009
All 154 seats to the House of Commons
AAPAabbNew Alliance Ccp
Party Ad Astra Per Aspera The Alliance Centrist Conservative
Last election 19/180 seats 15/180 seats 12/180 seats
Seats needed 59 63 66
no image no image Booparty
Party Independent Conservative Lord Davies & Supporters Boo
Last election N/A N/A 3/180 seats
Seats needed 78 78 75

Government ElectionEdit

New Election Rules Edit

This is the first election of the new configuration of the Ostentian House of Commons, with 154 sitting Members of Parliament, a reduction of 26 seats. This now means that a party or coalition must gain control of 78 seats for an outright majority government (down from 91), although this is not necessary to govern. Also, each state has a number of seats that are elected in two different manners: Some seats are elected via constituency, and others are elected on at-large basis from the whole state.

Primary ResultsEdit

Reform PartyEdit

The Reform Party initially attempted to field a primary, but the leading candidate Simon Commoncold announced that he would not be a candidate for the Reform Party, which folded. Simon Commoncold would later run as an "Independent Conservative".

The AllianceEdit

The The Alliance held a primary in which Carl Miller won the nomination.

AAPA-CCP CoalitionEdit

Incumbent Coalition leader Kay "DynamoJax" Jackson ran against challenger Lord Wallace Buttersworth. In a dramatic reversal, Buttersworth defeated Jackson for the nomination by a result of 55.71% of delegates for Buttersworth and 41.10% of delegates for Jackson.

Other EntrantsEdit

Lord DaviesEdit

Lord Davies announced shortly before the election was due to take place that he was called to run for Prime Minister by a higher power.

Simon CommoncoldEdit

Simon Commoncold, the original parliamentary leader for the Reform Party announced that he would again run, this time as an "Independent Conservative."

HRH King Zog IIEdit

HRH King Zog II announced that he would run as a member of the Country for Old Men party.


December 2009 Government Election
Party Candidate % ±%
AAPA-CCP Lord Wallace Buttersworth 30.77% +10.77
Independent Conservative Simon Commoncold 7.69% -12.31
Independent Lord Davies 15.38% +15.38
Boo Inevitable 30.77% +30.77
The Alliance Carl Miller 7.69% -2.31
Country for Old Men HRH King Zog II 7.69% +7.69

Parliamentary ElectionEdit

December 2009 Parliamentary Election
Party Seats Gains Losses Net Gain/Loss Seats %
Ad Astra Per Aspera
Centrist Conservative
AAPA-CCP (Total)
The Alliance
Independent Conservative
Lord Davies & Supporters
Country for Old Men
Woist Voice
Nashun Liberal
Oredian Royalist
Falahn Royalist
N.I. Separatist
Oredian Separatist

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