Head of State
General Carter
Government type
Democracy, but suspended due to war
Democratian Pound

Democratia was a country to the west of Wo and far west of Ostentia. It was previously at war with Autocratia for possession of the island on which the two countries existed. The war ended early in the morning of August 17th, 2008, after the Autocratian army had managed to blockade the capital city Barbour and effectively starved the city into submission.

Before this, Democratia's economy had collapsed and the country was supported by foreign aid.

Democratia occupied mountainous areas that were, prior to the war, noted for several stunning landmarks.

International Relations prior to the War's endEdit

Ambassador to Ostentia: Charles Johnson
Ostentian Ambassador: Mia Wolsey
Formal Relations: Yes

Ostentia was an official supporter of Democratia, though much to the critisism of various figues in the House, never actually aided them. The final days of Democratia created a notable split in parliament with advocates for both restraint and all out war. In the end, Ostentia had no part to play in the conflict.

Wo and Exilia also supported Democratia, indeed, it was aid from Wo that prevented Democratia from collapsing, while Exilia helped to train its military.

Apart from Autocratia and it's supporter, the UCCR, no other country had relations with Democratia.

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