East Mearor
East Mearor
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East Mearor was a country and later Region of Ostentia. Following the creation of a federal system, it was split into the states of Agnasium and parts of Midlands. Comprising the flat clay soils of the Bay of Apaturi to the south, the low, fertile hills of the Eastern Spine, and the volcanic soils of the East (blown from Mt Elenor), East Mearor draws a predominantly farming economy, competing with Nashun as the country's breadbasket. A plentiful supply of water in all parts mean farming can take place almost anywhere, from the extensive hill sheep farms of the Eastern Spine, to the market gardens of the north and south coasts. The hills are rolling, and vast tracts of land are owned by the landed gentry on the Spine.


Paradigm, the former capital of East Mearor is, like its twin, Epiphany, a beautiful example of a modern day city which still possesses the charm of one from an older period. Paradigm sits at the centre of the Bay of Apaturi and, as such, gains much of its wealth through import and export over the seas. Despite notable locations within the city, Paradigm is not as pristine as Epiphany, mostly due to a larger farm based industry and heavy reliance on naval trading. It is the capital of Midlands

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The capital of Agnasium.