Power Politician
Edward Fury
Political Party

Edward Fury is the Boo Party's candidate for Epiphany West Bank, and one of their most outspoken supporters.

Edward Fury has previously appeared on the Ostentian Election Night Special representing the Boo Party. He has gained a reputations based on his loyal support and heavy criticism of opposing parties. Though he has not yet succeeded in defeating Miniyoda008 he has often recieved a surprising amount of support.

Mr. Fury is a close friend of both Boohistory and Inevitable, the latter of which is credited to have called him "One of our very best".

Boo Media have released several games based on Edward Fury. These are part of its Power Politician Franchise, which puts players in the shoes of a politician.

During the 2009 Boo Party Ostentian coup, and following the disappearance of Pokemaniac John, Edward Fury was announced by Inevitable to be the stand-in speaker, despite not actually having been elected.

Edward Fury - Power Politician

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