Head of State
Sultan Murad VII
Government type
Constitutional monarchy
Empthrinian Khan

Empthrinia is the country located directly to the south of Ostentia.


Empthrinia is known as the "Desert Country", due to its harsh climate. The Great Desert occupies much of central Empthrinia, and also borders the Ostentian peninsula. The majority of settlements are along on the borders of the country, particularly along the coastal areas. The capital, Aurucit, lies in the East upon the delta of the River Eve and is home to 6% of the country's population.


There are large crude oil reserves beneath the Great Desert, and much of Empthrinia's economy is concentrated on refining and exporting oil to other countries. Empthrinia also has a strong textiles industry, although the raw materials for this are imported from neighbouring countries. There is sufficient argiculture to feed the population, but little remains for export. Service industries are beginning to develop in the capital, but remain scarce elsewhere.


Executive branchEdit

The Sultan leads the government, and appoints his own advisors as ministers. Recently, the majority of those appointed have been members of the Grand Assembly, but there is no constitutional obligation for them to be.

Legislative branchEdit

One democratically elected house. Members are elected by a first past the post system. All government actions must be approved by this house. Proceedings are run and organised by the largest party.


Relations with OstentiaEdit

  • Ambassador to Ostentia: Selim Bayezid
  • Ostentian Ambassador: John Smith
  • Formal Relations: Yes

Empthrinia was the first country to be discovered by Ostentian Explorers. Relations have been good and the construction of an international rail link between the two nations has only helped to boost this.

International relationsEdit

  • Nellapaland: Border with Nellapaland patrolled by Empthrinian armed forces. Formal diplomatic relations have recently begun.
  • Aspar: Strong relations between the two countries. Empthrinia supplies Aspar with oil and raw materials, while in return Aspar brokers deals between Empthrinia and the governments of countries across the Asparian Channel.
  • Eronam: Although historical rivals, Eronam and Empthrinia are now allies, and have strong economic and cultural ties. The Eronamian Ambassador in Aurucit is often consulted on domestic issues.
  • Wo: Historical enemies, but have been at peace for some time. Given that Woism is the dominant religion in parts of western Empthrinia, the Patriarch of Wo has considerable influence in Empthrinian politics, much to the irritation of the Sultan.
  • Exilia: No contact between the two countries.
  • Autocratia: No contact between the two countries.
  • Democratia: No contact between the two countries.
  • Gelland: Friendly relations exist between the two countries, and they have recently signed a new trade agreement.
  • Christophia: Emphthrinia enjoys strong trade with Christophia, which has boosted considerably in recent times.
  • Topanto: No contact between the two countries.
  • The U.C.C.R: Formerly trading allies, but now contact is limited.