Empthrinian Rail Link Act
Empthrinian Rail Link Act

The Empthrinian Rail Link Act went as follows:

Empthrinian Rail Link ActEdit

Under this bill the rail line which currently terminates at Nepenth will be upgraded and extended to the Empthrinian capital. This is a joint venture between the Ostentian and Empthrinian governments.

The cost of this bill will be 4 units, 2 on upgrading our side, and a loan of two units to Empthrinia to upgrade the infrastructure on their side. This will be paid back in due time, due to the economic benefits such a venture will bring.

It will enable easy transport of oil to Ostentia, reducing energy costs, and will make transport of goods around the main continent far easier.

This bill will improve transport, the economy and foreign relations with Empthrinia and beyond.

For more infoEdit

Ostentian Statute Book

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