Federalist Party
Federalist Party
Federalism, Classical Liberalism

The Federalist Party was a short-lived political party that was formed by Commoncold0 following the sudden collapse of the Progressive Party. The party's main aim was constitutional reform, involving the restructuring of Ostentia into a federal republic. In other policy areas, it's policies were broadly liberatarian.

March 2009 General Election Edit

At the March 2009 General Election, Commoncold0 stood as the party's candidate for Prime Minister, advocating the following policies:

  • Cutting the deficit through short term tax rises and long term spending cuts.
  • Limiting excessively controlling legislation.
  • Introducing the idea of Constructive Votes of No Confidence.
  • The reorganisation of Ostentia into a federal republic.
  • Establishing a home rule referendum for the Northern Isles.

Although he recieved few votes, he nevertheless determined the outcome of the election, forming a coalition with Cieran of the DLSP after a tie in the run off. In the subsequent government, the party did introduce its first three policies successfully, although the crucial issue of federalism was kicked into the long grass.


The party did not contest the next elections, but instead reconstituted itself as the Campaign for a Federal Republic, a non-partisan focus group. The group's proposals for a Federal Republic were eventually adopted in June 2009.

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