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Zostera, Nepenth, Salacia, Hyperion
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The desert state (region, prior to 2009 reforms) of Fondrop was once a rich area. Now its income comes almost entirely from gold, diamond and other precious mineral reserves hidden beneath the dunes. Unfortunately, it has nowhere near the amount found in Oredia, and trade there suffers for it. Many of the inner towns rely on oases for water. Fondrop is sometimes called the Gateway of Jyna, after an ancient mythological hero from the Jayakar area, as it is the mainland's access to Ostentia.


Jayakar is the capital of Fondrop, located on the east side of the region near the Bay of Raktari. As one of the Seven Holy Cities of Woism, a prominent religion in the region, it is the first stop for many tourists seeking the ancient mysteries of Fondrop. Temples and monasteries of the religion are spread around the city, some dating back several hundred years. Beneath the city, and in the desert surrounding it, can be found remnants of an even older religion, including a great system of catacombs where their dead were buried.

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