Gellish Trade Treaty Act
Gellish Trade Treaty Act
Government Treaty

The Gellish Trade Treaty Act went as follows, to be proposed to Gelland:

Gellish Trade Treaty ActEdit

Under this treaty, formal trade links with Gelland will be opened. The terms of this treaty will be as such:

Article 1: All goods that are exported from Gelland and imported into Ostentia will be exempt from taxation.
Article 2: In return, all goods that are exported from Ostentia and imported into Gelland will be exempt from taxation except in the case outlined in Article 2b.
Article 2b: Food exports from Ostentia to Gelland will still be taxed, but only at 80% of the rate imposed on other countries.

The intention of this bill is of course to help strengthen international trade links with the intention of boosting the economy of Ostentia.

For more infoEdit

Ostentian Statute Book

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