This article gives an overview of General Elections in Ostentia. Under the Ostentian electoral system, general elections are held regularly (normally once every month) and are the main mechanism by which governments are appointed.

Ostentian Electoral SystemEdit

Since unification, general elections in Ostentia have always consisted of two simultaneous elections: parliamentary elections and prime ministerial elections.

Parliamentary elections involve the election of members of parliament to seats in the House of Commons. This is done by a simple first-past-the-post ballot in each of the 237 constituencies of Ostentia. There have been calls for this system to be replaced with an additional member system, but no changes have been made so far.

Prime Ministerial elections directly determine which politician holds the position of Prime Minister and, by extension, the party which forms the government. Up until the first June 2008 General Election, this was also done by a simple first-past-the-post ballot, although it has now been replaced by contingent voting.

Overview of Ostentian General ElectionsEdit


How voting patterns have changed over time.

For much of Ostentia's history, it was a two-party system. Following the merger of the ME Party into the F&V=P Party, the only two parties to operate on a national scale were the F&V=P Party and the Boo Party. This remained the case until the April 2008 General Election, when the LMIATPEFO Party stunned the political world by winning the election. Although the party would go on to be dispanded, it is widely regarded as having broken the two party system: recent elections have seen as many as six parties competing. Whether or not this situation will continue remains to be seen.

List of Ostenian General ElectionsEdit

General Elections of Ostentia
Election Winning Party Prime Minister Elect  % Vote - 1st Round  % Vote - 2nd Round Plurality Majority
September 2007 Boo Party Inevitable 50.00% 71 1
October 2007 F&V=P Party Pokemaniac John 70.00% 150 121
November 2007 54.55% 43 7
December 2007 Boo Party Inevitable 55.56% 59 25
February 2008 F&V=P Party Pokemaniac John 63.64% 95 59
March 2008 Boo Party Inevitable 58.33% 61 21
April 2008 LMIATPEFO Party Ten Thousand Fists 40.00% 41 -41
May 2008 Boo Party Inevitable 30.77% 28 -83
June 2008 (1) 33.33% 53.33% 6 -79
June 2008 (2) Liberal Alliance Pokemaniac John 37.50% 63.64% 58 15
July 2008 28.57% 66.67% 30 -27
August 2008 Ostentian Democrat Party Commoncold0 31.25% 53.33% 25 -79
September 2008 ODP/F&V=P Party Coalition 25.00% (ODP) 50.00% (ODP) 46 -35
October 2008 Democratic Socialist Party Cieran 60.00% 109 33

General Elections of Ostentia
Sep 2007 Oct 2007 Nov 2007 Dec 2007 Feb 2008 Mar 2008 Apr 2008
May 2008 5 Jun 2008 18 Jun 2008 Jul 2008 Aug 2008 Sep 2008 Oct 2008
Jan 2009 Feb 2009 Mar 2009 Apr 2009 May 2009 Jun 2009 Jul 2009
Aug 2009 Sep 2009 Oct 2009

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