The Boo Party Leadership election of June 2008 was scheduled to take place on June 16th 2008, following Cieran's decision to challenge Inevitable's position on June 15th. The contestants would have been Cieran and Inevitable. However, the leader at the time, Inevitable, chose to call a general election followed by the disbanding of the party, rather than hand over leadership.

In an official statement, Inevitable argued that a leader who leads without the consent of Boohistory should not be a leader of the Boo Party at all.

Shortly following the disbanding of the Boo Party, Inevitable proceeded to form a new party, incidentally called The Boo Party, which happened to share many policies with the original, although was devoid of Cieran and his supporters.

In response, Cieran formed the Democratic Socialist Party.

Relations between the two parties have, contrary to some analysts, been on the whole friendly.

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