The first June 2008 General Election took place on 05/06/2008 following the dissolution of parliament at the end of the first term of the 4th Inevitable Government. Voters from across Ostentia took part in the electoral process, voting for both a prime ministerial candidate and a parliamentary candidate. The election saw a changed voting method, with the government being elected by Contingent Voting rather than First Past The Post. The election saw the Boo Party retain a plurality in the House of Commons and Inevitable re-elected as Prime Minister.

Election ResultsEdit

Parliamentary Election ResultsEdit

First June 2008 General Election - Parliamentary Results
Party Seats +/-
Boo Party 79 +2
F&V=P Party 73 +24
Democratic Labour Party 27 -11
Ostentian Democrat Party 24 +24
IPNH Party 11 -18
Falahn Royalist Party 5 +1
Oredian Royalist Party 4 0
Woist Voice Party 4 -2
Oredian Separatist Party 3 -3
Northern Isles Separatist Party 2 -4
Speaker 1 +1
Oredian Democrat Party 0 -11
Independents 4 -3
Boo Party victory Plurality 6
Majority -79

Parties which failed to win seats in both this election and the previous election are not shown. Seat difference is based on the results of the previous election and does not take defections and by-elections into account.

Government Election ResultsEdit

First June 2008 General Election - Government Election Results
First Round
Party Candidate Share of vote +/-
Boo Party Inevitable 33.33% +2.56%
F&V=P Party Pokemaniac John 25.00% +1.92%
Democratic Labour Party Lewis 16.67% -6.41%
Ostentian Democrat Party Commoncold0 16.67% N/A
IPNH Party Master dingley 8.33% -14.75%
Boohistory Party HRH King Zog II 0.00% N/A
Second Round
Party Candidate Share of vote +/-
Boo Party Inevitable 53.33% N/A
F&V=P Party Pokemaniac John 46.67% N/A
Inevitable re-appointed Prime Minister


The Boo Party only narrowly managed to secure re-election using what many have described as unethical voting practices. The controversy did not die down and Inevitable was forced to dissolve parliament barely a week later after losing all control over the House

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