Lewis Johnson MP


Founder of DLP

Lewis Johnson MP is the current Member of Parliament for Eucellia Port. He is notable for being the leader of The Democratic Labour Party, being joint leader of the The Pink & Purple Party, being leader of The Progressive Party and Prime Minister. He is also known for being from the middle of nowhere. Lewis Enjoys long strolls in the park whilst whistling popular 1950s pop tunes and wearing tall top hats.

Birth and Childhood Edit

Lewis was born in a stable not far from the hospital, the reason for this is probably that the hospital was full or his parents couldn't find the entrance. On his birth 3 men of high standing were expected, but they apparently went to the birth of some child who was also in a stable who went on to be a mildly successful melon sculptor. In his childhood Lewis would only do two things; read Oor Willie comics, sing and read socialist literature. It is also notable that until the age of 7, he was able to fly, but then puberty struck.

Entrance into politics Edit

Lewis never really became interested in politics, but all of the things that have occurred are merely coincidental and would make it seem as if he wanted to be.

Abduction by Aliens Edit

Lewis was once abducted by aliens, this experience apparently was the second worse experience in his life, the worst being a trip into Tesco. Whilst being abducted by aliens Lewis apparently was subject to capitalist brainwashing, but not even the most idiotic of idiots would think it would work and so they put him back on earth to try and brainwash somebody else, apparently it was successful and the person also became a member of parliament but that person is unknown.

Prime Minister Edit

Lewis was elected Prime minister on the 28th of February 2009 as leader of The Progressive Party during the economic downturn.