List of Democratian Governments
Government Party Term in Office Notes
1st Villy Trebuchet Government The ME Party 22/08/1992 - 22/09/1992 First government of Democratia.
1st Sheepling Government The Sheepy Party 23/09/1992 - 29/09/1992 Sheepling was the only member of this government. He resigned after emergency powers were not granted to him.
1st Boohistory Government Boo Party 03/10/1992 - 27/11/1992 Only government to serve two consecutive terms in office.
1st Eriatarka1 Government The Birthday Party
The Royalist Party
30/11/1992 - 03/01/1993 Sat for an extended parliamentary term.
1st Aquatic Evil Government The Evil Party
06/01/1993 - 01/02/1993
2nd Boohistory Government Boo Party 02/02/1993 - 10/02/1993 Former Deputy Prime Minister Boohistory took over after Aquatic Evil lost a vote of no confidence.
2nd Eriatarka1 Government The Birthday Party 11/02/1993 - 10/03/1993
1st Master dingley Government The Hyrule Scrolls Party 11/03/1993 - 16/04/1993 For more information, see March 1993 Democratian General Election.
3rd Eriatarka1 Government The Birthday Party
The F&V=P Party
17/04/1993 - 22/05/1993 The only politician to sit on three separate occasions, and for four parliamentary terms.
2nd Sheepling Government Boo Party 23/05/1993 - 22/06/1993
2nd Aquatic Evil Government Boo Party 23/06/1993 - 25/07/1993 The only party to sit for five parliamentary terms.

There was another election held on the 26th July 1993, which was won by Aquatic Evil for the Boo Party. However, he never took up the post, and Sheepling is thought to have served as Acting Prime Minister.

Documents pertaining to the period between the 26th July and 9th August 1993 (when Democratia was destroyed) are thought missing or incomplete in one of Democratia's many piles of rubble.

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