Lord Davies
Joseph Davies
31st October 1969
Place Of Birth
Member of Parliament for
Valaxia - West Riding
Political Party

Lord Davies Is the older brother of the late Sqeak, born in Nectaris, he is the head of the Valaxian Honey Corporation as of May 12th 2009, when his brother was declared mentally unstable. Unlike his brother, he does not have a fixation on Bees, nor does he love nature, taking to living in a top floor apartment in Nectaris. He commutes to work by private helicopter, which he pilots himself, although does most work from his apartment.

Early Life Edit

Unlike His late brother, he spent most of his childhood in Nectaris, with his father, who was a workaholic. He learnt the ins and outs of business as a teenager, while also learning many skills such as how to pilot a helicopter, archery and horse riding. Before taking his share of the family business, Lord Davies made a living producing Wine in Eronam.

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