Mandatory Recycling Facilities Act
Mandatory Recycling Facilities Act
Opposition Bill

The Mandatory Recycling Facilities Act went as follows:

Mandatory Recycling Facilities ActEdit

This bill seeks to ensure that all citizens have the ability to recycle waste where they can. To do so, I propose that

  1. It be made compulsory that coucils provide recycling facilities in all major towns and cities;
  2. Said recycling facilities be free for all citizens to use;
  3. All council-run recycling facilities must be equipped to handle at least glass, paper and cardboard, tin and alluminium cans, and tin and alluminium foil.

To further increase the potential for and the awareness of recycling and re-using waste and other items, durable shopping bags made from sustainable materials would be provided in all major supermarkets, to encourage shoppers to re-use their bags.

This will be funded by the spare budget units made available in the environment sector after the new budget is implimented.

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