Master Dingley
Jack Dingley
Political Party

Master Dingley is the currently co-head of The Pink & Purple Party


The Hyrule Scrolls PartyEdit

Master Dingley joined Democratia midway through its lifespan. A fresh face from Fondrop he started The Hyrule Scrolls Party alongside Cieran After a chaotic term as Prime Minister, The Hyrule Scrolls Party disbanded and Master Dingley swiftly moved on to the F&V=P Party.

F&V=P PartyEdit

Master Dingley's time was very short spent here. The F&V=P party joined in a coalition with the Birthday Party and gained power. Master Dingley took the Position of Minister of Health, after realising that he did not agree with the party's aim he moved on after one term to The Boo Party

The Boo PartyEdit

During his time in the Democratian Boo Party, Master Dingley was a number of roles however his primary position was Chancellor of the Exchequer. After the economy rating fell below 30% Master Dingley decided to take a break from politics and sat around to watch Democratia burn to the ground.

Advance Wars: The Fall of DemocratiaEdit

After an attack on the Boo base Cieran saved Master Dingley from DMHowe and the raiders, However when Cieran went in search of the raider's HQ, leaving Master Dingley and his limited number of troops, they were attacked again by a large army lead by Eriatarka1 of the FVP Alliance. After just barely avoiding defeat, Master Dingley and his troops were called to assist Cieran after the raider HQ was found.

Master Dingley entered the battle field seeking revenge for DMHowe's actions, but after defeat DMHowe escaped yet again without giving any answers. After an attack by Villy Trebuchet, Master Dingley lost all faith in the Boo armed forces and took his troops, leaving Cieran to fight the battle alone, aside staying behind to advise Cieran one last time in the coming battle.


The Boo PartyEdit

Master Dingley entered Ostentia as Minister for Law and Order for the Boo Party in its first two terms. Soon after he became inactive and broke away again.

The Insert Party Name Here PartyEdit

Master Dingley is currently head of The Insert Party Name Here Party and hopes to redeem himself after the fiasco in Democratia.

The Pink & Purple PartyEdit

Master Dingley agreed to retire the IPNH Party and decided to merge with Lewis and the DLP in order to make The Pink & Purple Party.

Personal LifeEdit

Master Dingley fled the destroyed nation of Democratia in hope of a new start. He moved back to his homeland of Fondrop where he now has a small family on the outskirts of Jayakar.