The May 2008 Northern Isles Election was held on the 22/05/2008. It was called in unusual circumstances, after the assasination of Governor Toby Allander. The election saw the Separatist Party swept from office in a landslide defeat. The F&V=P Party, which has always had a strong following in the region, regained power, and Samuel Pepeys, the leader of the Northern Isles branch, was appointed governor.


May 2008 Northern Isles Election - Results
Party Seats +/-
F&V=P Party 32 +15
Democratic Labour Party 10 +10
Boo Party 9 -2
IPNH Party 4 +4
Ostentian Democrat Party 2 +2
Northern Isles Separatist Party 1 -29
Assembly Chairman 1 0
Independents 1 0
F&V=P Party victory Plurality 22
Majority 4

Parties which failed to win seats in both this election and the previous election are not shown. Seat difference is based on the results of the previous election and does not take defections and by-elections into account.


Criticism of "First Past the Post"Edit

After the results were announced there was fury from the Separatist Party. Although their party had come second in the share of the popular vote, the nature of the "First Past the Post" system resulted in them holding on to only one seat in the assembly. The Separatist Party immediately demanded a change to proportional representation, however this led to them to be branded "hypocrites" by Governor Samuel Pepeys, who pointed out that on the one hand the Separatists were campaigning on the grounds of "traditional Islander values" while on the other hand they were demanding radical constitutional reform.

Loss of Boo Party supportEdit

Despite the collapse of the Separatist Party, the Boo Party remained in third place in the assembly, being overtaken by the Democratic Labour Party. One Boo Assembly Member complained "It's ridiculous. There's cleary a strong level of support for Left Wing policies, but we're just not getting the votes". The Boo Party's image problem in the Northern Isles seems to stem from the fact that many of its local members were originally high profile politicians in the Socialist Islanders Party, before unification. That party was unpopular due to some of their extreme policies (for example, sending black market traders to the guillotine), and this unpopularity still appears to be associated with the Boo Party today. The Boo Party is also often blamed for the initial failure of the mainland to send aid to the region following the storm of 2007, although this allegation has never been proved.

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