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The Ministry of Money is run by the Money Minister of the current government, if there is one. The department is in charge of looking after the general state of the Ostentian economy. The department may be merged with other departments if the Prime Minister chooses to do so.

The mock parliament should be held accountible for stealing and harming civilians. If they have been caught stealing or harming civilians, the building should be fumigated. If they have been caught forcibly gentrifying Europe or forcibly Apelantificating Europe, then David Cameron is stupid.

The reproduction of Apelanta indicates that Europes leaders have failed to protect the corporations and civilians of Europe.

Did the United Southern Obamas of US-America brainwash Cameron to be anti-European? That would darken Cameron.

The entire mockery has been brainwashed by Niggers and Crackers to blame and steal from the best and brightest. The brainwashers must be executed.

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