16th May 1970
Member of Parliament for
Epiphany West Bank
Political Party
Former Political Parties
The Birthday Party
(November 1992 - July 1993)
The Boo Party
(September - November 1992)
MP for Epiphany West Bank
(September 2007 - present)
Spokesperson for Education and the Economy
(September 2007 - present)
Former Positions
Sole Dictator of Democratia

(August 8th - August 9th 1993) Chancellor of the Exchequer
(October 1992 - January 1993;
Febuary - March 1993;
April - May 1993)
Deputy Prime Minister
(November 1992 - January 1993;
Febuary - March 1993;
April - May 1993)
Shadow Chancellor
(January - February 1993;
June - July 1993)
Frontbench Deputy Leader
(March - April 1993)
Opposition Leader
(May - June 1993)
MP for Croissant

(September 1992 - July 1993)

Miniyoda008 is the MP for Epiphany West Bank, and Spokesperson for Education and the Economy for The Fruit & Veg = Perfection Party.


The Boo PartyEdit

Upon entering politics, to gain some political experience Miniyoda008 joined The Boo Party. However, he regularly opposed major Boo Party policies, and following the breakup of the Boo Party joined the more centrist party formed by its members.

The Birthday PartyEdit

After the Boo Party broke up, Miniyoda008 and Eriatarka1 formed The Birthday Party. For the first few terms Miniyoda008 acted as Deputy Leader under Eriatarka1, also filling the role of Chancellor during Eriatarka1's 3 terms as Prime Minister. Eventually, Miniyoda008 assumed the leadership of the party, and was Opposition Leader on several occasions during the last few months of Democratia.

Miniyoda008 v. Pokemaniac JohnEdit

For several months the Birthday Party under Eriatarka1 and Miniyoda008, and the Fruit & Veg = Perfection Party under Pokemaniac John worked closely together, including forming a coalition government on one occasion. However, this was shown to be a ruse of Miniyoda008. When Pokemaniac John eventually asked to join the Birthday Party, Miniyoda008 accepted, but immediately seized the opportunity and took control of Pokemaniac John's now vacant party. Pokemaniac John resented this, and formed a similarly named party instead. In response, Miniyoda008 formed The Occasional Lampshade, a variation of Pokemaniac John's paper The Weekly Lamp Post. A war of words followed, before eventually dying down.

The Fall of DemocratiaEdit

After the feud with Pokemaniac John, Miniyoda008 disappeared from the scene for a few weeks, apparently on holiday. However, at the height of the chaos caused by the attacks on Democratia and the attempted coup by the army, Miniyoda008 revealed himself to be the head of the armed forces. Upon seizing control of the capital, he declared himself dictator, and set about taking control of the country. The following day was one of carnage, with fights between the army and various other forrces, and Miniyoda008 imprisoning his political opponents, including the Speaker of the House of Commons, and declaring many laws restricting the liberties of the people. Eventually, however, Pokemaniac John escaped his clutches, and gathering a force was able to capture Miniyoda008 and end his dictatorship. A final hasty election was called, in which Miniyoda008 was somehow able to gain a cabinet position under Pokemaniac John, his former prisoner.

Advance Wars: The Fall of DemocratiaEdit

Miniyoda008 is known to be still active in Democratia, and appears to be fighting for the FVP Alliance. However, what his exact motives are is not known at the moment.


When Ostentia was formed Miniyoda008 joined the Fruit & Veg = Perfection Party under Pokemaniac John, and took the role of Spokesperson for Education and the Economy.