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The NITI Act, or Northern Isles Transport Initiative, went as follows:

NITI ActEdit

This bill seeks to rectify the awful state of transportation to and from the Northern Isles.

Currently the only way there is either by sea plane, which is not suitable for cargo, or by a lengthy ferry journey. It is for these reasons that the islands remain culturally isolated.

This bill will be funded by two extra budget units out of the reserve, as well as an increase by two in the Transport sector (already provided for in this term's budget).

The two extra units will cover the building of these terminals, as well as any environmental impacts and research into potential sites for the airport.

The bill will provide for a new International airport in the isles, and a much improved ferry terminal at Torness, in order to take larger ships.

This will be a large economic and social boost to the Northern Isles, enabling them to integrate further with Ostentian society and economy, and allowing more tourists to experience the unique culture of the Islands. A private advertisement campaign will be run in the Apeiron Argus and any compliant newspapers in order to promote this.

In these times of hostility between the Northern Isles and the rest of the Union, integration and a hand-up are vital.

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