National Emergency Agency
National Emergency Agency Act
Government Bill

The National Emergency Agency Act went as follows:

National Emergency Agency ActEdit

The National Emergency Agency would represent the Ostentian Government's commitment to assisting States to develop their emergency management capabilities to protect all Ostentian citizens and their property. It provides national leadership in the development of measures to reduce risk to communities and manage the consequences of disasters. The National Emergency Angency would be a fully autonomous Government funded agency with little to no Government interaction in Business As Usual activities. The Prime Minister, however, does have full control over the National Emergency Agency. The National Emergency Agency would have the power to activate OWISE and provide direction to other Government departments on what to do during an emergency, including directing Police, Fire, Ambulatory services, Defence and others.

The National Emergency Agency would work with Foreign Affairs to assist foreign countries in their time of need during a disaster on their shores such as tsunami.

The national security objectives relating to emergency management include the protection of Ostentian interests both at home and abroad, the preservation of a safe and resilient society and the promotion of an international environment that is stable and peaceful.

The soon to be released National Security Statement will provide a framework for a greater integration of national security and emergency management agencies and arrangements to ensure that public safety aspects are managed and the consequences of these events minimised. This includes strengthening our cooperation with regional partners and promoting an Local Union.

For more infoEdit

Ostentian Statute Book

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