Ostentia Warning Instrument Standard Emergency Act
Government Bill

The Ostentia Warning Instrument Standard Emergency Act went as follows:

Ostentia Warning Instrument Standard Emergency ActEdit

The OWISE system will be used in assisting the delivery of public warnings and messages for major warning events.

States within Ostentia will accept responsibility for the preparation and implementation of procedures related to the use of OWISE in each jurisdiction and to develop and conduct appropriate public awareness programs.

OWISE is intended for use as an alert system to be played on public media to draw listeners' attention to a following emergency warning. It is meant to attract listeners' attention to the fact that they should take notice of the emergency message.

It is vital that the status and effectiveness of the OWISE system is maintained by limiting its use to significant events only. Such events will be restricted to:

- Sustained wind of over 125km/h. - Storm tide of over 0.5 m above Highest Astronomical Tide. - Large hail > 5 cm in diameter. - Tornado(es). - Major flood, flash flood and/or dam break. - Intense rainfall leading to flash floods and/or landslides. - Geohazards including effects of earthquakes and tsunamis'. - Major urban or rural fires. - Major pollution, hazardous material or bio-hazard emergency. - Civil defence emergency. - Other major emergency situations as sanctioned by the Prime Minister.

The four following factors must be present for the OWISE system to be announced:

- Potential for loss of life and/or a major threat to a significant number of properties or the environment. - A large number of people need to be warned. - Impact is expected within 12 hours - or is occurring at the time; and - One or more phenomena are classified as 'destructive'.

Messages are in the following format:


SIREN SIREN SIREN ' This is an official emergency announcement for ... (area) ... issued by ... (issuing authority, eg, Army, Police) ... concerning ... (type of emergency):

- What has happened - What has been done so far - Where it happened - What is proposed to be done - When it happened - Any public safety instructions

This emergency announcement was issued by ... (issuing authority) ... stay tuned to this station for information' SIREN SIREN SIREN.

An example of the siren is at:

OWISE will be ran by the National Emergency Agency, a fully autonomous Agency under the National Emergency Plan. No ministers will have access to give orders to the NEA as it runs fully automatically.

For more infoEdit

Ostentian Statute Book

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