This article lists the major newspapers of Ostentia, and gives a brief summary of them. Links to the newspapers' archive threads are given where possible.

The Weekly Lamp Post™ - Ostentias first newspaper (with the exception of the main news, run by the admin). It's edited by Pokemaniac John, leader of The F&V=P Party™ and brought to you by Pokemaniac John Publishing ltd. Contains the popular weekly Cheese Watch™

The Exilian Echo - Edited by HRH King Zog II, this is shipped over from Exilia, giving us news about the outlandish archipeligo.

The Apeiron Argus - Edited by Inevitable, leader of the Boo Party, and brought to you by Boo Media.

The Aurora Herald - Edited by former speaker of the commons, Commoncold0, this was once viewed as the least biased newspaper. Whether or not it maintains this reputation now Commoncold0 is no longer speaker remains to be seen.

The Decadely Dingley - A newspaper, supposedly published once every decade, which has only to date seen one edition, which was aimed almost entirely at criticising the F&V=P party. Edited by master dingley.

The Gin Mill - Edited by Edward Teadle and based out of Jerseyville, Nashun. An independent agriculturally minded newspaper for the growing community of Nashun.

Vox Valaxia - Edited by Cieran and based from Valaxia. Paper has both national and statewide foci, especially on Valaxia.

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