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Ostentian World News is Ostentia's first and currently only news program. It is hosted by the current admin and speaker of the house, Ten Thousand Fists under his former persona (The) Sheepling. He did, however, produce the show before becoming admin.


Ostentian World News usually reports on current events in Ostentia. The first episode also covered sport and a failed world record attempt, but since then the only recurring segment was the weather. The first two episodes featured a title card at the start and towards the end of the show, but they were not included in the following two episodes. The title card has returned as of Episode 5.

Ostentia's WeatherEdit

If Ostentian World News is to be believed, weather patterns in Ostentia are somewhat changeable. For example, the first edition merely stated "RAIN" which was presumed to be over the whole country. Episode 2 forecast an invasion by hostile forces, although this never came to pass. Episode 5 forecast "BREAD" across every region of Ostentia except for Valaxia, where the forecast was "NOT BREAD".