The Right Honourable Plqx MP
Current Positions
MP for Three Peaks
(September 2007 - present)
Past Positions
MP for ???
(September 1992 - August 1993)
Leader of The Voteless Party
(Ocotber 1992 - ???)
Leader of The D.A.F.T & S.T.U.P.I.D. Party
(Feburary 1993 - April 1993)
Leader of The Only True Boo Party
(July 1993 - ???)

Plqx is the current MP for the Three Peaks constituency. He generally maintains an independent status in politics.

Biography Edit

Early LifeEdit

Little is known about Plqx's early life. Indeed, so little is known that some people believe that he was never born, and appeared fully formed ready to aid the political sphere. While most of these people have been locked up in mental institutions, this view is becoming more common among political commentators.


In Democratia Plqx was almost always an independent politician, generally only getting involved by voting and criticising other parties, particularly their economic policies, rather than actually standing for election himself. However, on three occasions he did choose to stand, for three different parties: The Voteless Party, The D.A.F.T & S.T.U.P.I.D. Party and The Only True Boo Party. These were generally reckoned to be joke parties, receiving very few votes (in the case of the Voteless Party, living up to its name and receiving no votes), and only standing in one election each before disappearing from the political scene. However, with the exception of The D.A.F.T. & S.T.U.P.I.D. Party, the parties were never officially dissolved, and it is unknown whether Plqx maintained leadership of them.


Plqx has so far chosen not to join any party in Ostentia, preferring instead to make his mark as an independant MP. He generally stands in favour of the environment, this being the most important issue as far as he is concerned.

During the 2009 Boo Party Ostentian coup, went into hiding in a cave in the mountains within his constituency. From there he attempted to make a broadcast through his website to his constituents using a secretary and an internet cafe. However, mere minutes after the message was released the website was hacked, presumably by Boo Party employees, and the message deleted.

Private lifeEdit

Plqx is the first zero-carbon politician in Ostentia. He lives in a farm in his constituency, where he grows all his own food, and what power he needs is got through his wind turbine and solar panels. He only travels by foot, bicycle or public transport.

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