Prison Systems Act
Prison Systems Act
Government Bill

The Prison Systems Act went as follows:

Prison System ActEdit

If this bill is passed all prisons over Ostentia will be unified and work on one system.

Anyone accused of a crime will first face a court.

Then if found guilty they will face a prison sentance decided by the court, this can be 2-3 years on smaller crimes such as theft, or a life sentence for bigger crimes such as rape or murder.

Prison is not the only punishment option as community services will be placed for things like indecent exposure and even fines for small thefts/breakages (this would contribute to funding the courts and prisons in the long run. All fines will be contributed to the law and order budget.)

This will at first be funded by the law and order budget set by inevitable

These laws and punishments will be consistent throughout the whole region of Ostentia meaning that the entire nation shares one system

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