Regal Industries is the highest grossing Corporation in all of Exilia and its foremost Defense contractor. It is currently owned by HRH King Zog II, its founder. Its main area of interest are Defense, Commodities and Weapons Research. It is the world leader in Combine Technology

Early begginningsEdit

Regal Industries started life as The Exilian Echo, a newspaper started by HRH King Zog II to make quick cash to fund his political campaigns as well as using it for disinformation and various other darstadly schemes. Developments in Exilia causing Boo Labs to be banned as well as the huge financial success of the International Edition led to the founding of Regal Industries, which would go on to become a world leader in defense technology and fuel the rise of The Exilian Empire

Current ActivitiesEdit

Regal Industries is currently heaviliy involved in the recent renovations of the Exilian Navy with its recently built Exa shipyards, whilst its Combine Harvester is the equipment of choice for the discerning Vineyard owner. In the Defense section it possesses comprehensive space weaponry and a full network of attack sattellites. The Exilian Counter Terrorist Forces are exclusively equiped with the best of Regal Industries equipment.

Combine Harvester

The Combine Harvester, one of the earliest and best selling Regal Industries products


Combine Harvester The Regal Industries R-200 Combine Harvester is the ultimate in harvesting technology. Equipped with 3 sets of threshers, 2 de-gorenators and a splash guard its perfect for harvesting anything from wheat to sheep. The Military Version comes equipped with twin flamethrowers and gas sprayers.

Crowbar The R-350 metallic blue titanium crowbar is durable and reliable in any time of need. Guaranteed to penetrate bone or your money back.

Future DevelopmentsEdit

The recently founded Portal Physics department is feverishly investigating recently noticed effects which may allow for the development of a teleportation gun after discovering that Boo Labs had already perfected a similar technology, whilst the Corporation hopes to have an operational space station in use within the next 5 years.

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