Sir William Buttersworth


Sir William Buttersworth
17th October, 1948
5th September 2009 (presumed)
Positions held
President, CCP, Prime Minister

Sir William Buttersworth (17th October 1948 - 5th September 2009) was the CEO of the largest international telecommunications conglomerate and a Ostentian politician with hard-right capitalist centric authoritarian ideals.

Biography Edit

Early LifeEdit

Sir William Buttersworth was born to a middle class family in the what is now the UCCR. He was raised with a private education and went on to complete a simultaneous MBA and Law Degree - which he completed with honors.


Buttersworth was killed on or around September 5th 2009. On a trip between Valaxia and the Northern Isles, his helicopter exploded, at approximately 8:30PM local time. It is presumed to be a homicide by rogue state Assym, a country with a declaration of war against Ostentia, of which he was Prime Minister at the time. Despite several reports, his body was never recovered, however much wreckage was. He is survived by his brother Lord Wallace Buttersworth, who took over as leader of the CCP, as well as his children and wife.

MTech IndustriesEdit

After graduating from UCCR Federal University with MBA and LLB he went and practiced International Relations Law. A few years after commencing this, his father Thomas Buttersworth was assassinated by a disgruntled employee after MTech Industries abolished lunch breaks. Sir William Buttersworth then went to lead the company successfully and sold it after 10 years of ownership to the UCCR Government.

Hartford GroupEdit

In 1982, with his new found wealth, experience and industry contacts, Sir William Buttersworth founded the Hartford Group of Companies which over the course of a decade would prove to be the largest telecommunications company in the world.


In 1993, for services to the UCCR, Sir William Buttersworth was knighted under the Imperial Centre for Future Research.

Political ViewsEdit

Sir William Buttersworth has hard right capitalist views. The Daily Slander have reported his capitalist ways as being noted as 'evil' - lately the Daily Slander have changed their views and are in favour of Sir William Buttersworth and the Hartford Group. His political involvement has meant he has put the Hartford Group beside and its daily operations are being ran from the Hartford Groups Exilian branch's General Manager.

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