Smoking Cards Act
Smoking Cards Act
Opposition Bill

The Smoking Cards Act, after much dispute over the risk of a black market and infringements on people's rights, went as follows:

Smoking Cards ActEdit

Under this bill all smokers will require a card in order to buy cigarettes. These cards will at first be issued free to all who wish to have one, and will be locked in with ID to prevent fraud and transfer. These cards will be required for purchasing any cigarettes. Shops selling cigarettes will be forced to pay a fine of upwards of £5,000 for selling cigarettes to people without a card. For people who wish to take up smoking after the initial run of cards has been produced, cards will be available to buy for a sum which is large enough to be considered a deterrent, but not large enough to be prohibitive. It is expected that this will create a drop in the number of people taking up smoking, thus leading to a reduction in total numbers as these people give it up or pass on.

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