Spring Hill is a large, gently sloping hill occupying much of Nashun and a small area overlapping with East Mearor. It forms the end of the Eastern Spine, and is characterised by its smooth slopes and low gradient. It is named for the large number of springs present on the hill, rising out of the chalk aquifer which comprises the bedrock. While parts of the hill are covered in deciduous woodland, a gentle gradient and fertile soils make it ideal for farming. In late spring the area is covered in blotches of yellow rapeseed. The hill rises to its highest point at Docester, located 142 metres above sea level. This is also the highest point in Nashun. The hill has several canals on it, making use of numerous flights of locks. There are very few roads on the hill, those that exist mostly radiate out from Docester. There are no railways on the hill.

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